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Once more with Feeling...

16 July 1972
Welcome to My Live Journal is mainly for keeping in touch with friends and making new ones.Also a prime tool for venting the day, just writting stories, dreams, and things that have ta be put ta paper( screen). For me I hold my friends dear much like my family away from my family.

I guess if you have to classify a person I would be the "let's do this guy" I like to be on the move all the time. I like to travel and go random places when ever I can. I like meeting new friends , and hanging out when ever.

A little back ground on me:

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz. I was raised by my Grandparents from age 3.I "came out" my Freshmen year in High School.

I moved to Sacramento in late 2005 for work . I have met some very cool people. I have 3 really good friends that are the best, but always looking to make new ones....

I'm 6'1 Blond hair Blue eyes... Irish...kinda get that in the S/N... :0) I'm not much of a home body unless I'm with a friend/ friends doing the movie thing